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pandemic times

Hey Everybody,

First of all I hope you and your loved ones are doing fine during these particularly challenging times. It is probably very challenging on many levels since we are dealing with a lot of restrictions in our daily live and quite a bit of uncertainty concerning the future. But   nevertheless  I   think   there  are   things   that   we   all   can  do  during  this  period.

The questions I asked myself are:

1. What can I still do musically, physically and mentally?

2. What will help me personally and professionally when this is over?

3. What will benefit me anyway no matter how the world or my life will be after corona?

What I came up with is very simple actually. I still can and should make sure I am in shape physically, mentally and musically.

I go running, biking, work out and cook the most delicious and healthy food I can in order to stay physically healthy.

For my mental health I read, have conversations with people I find inspiring and try to learn new things like logo design, web design, video editing and building things around the house.

That leads me into my third part. Staying fit and developing musically. I think today it is very important to wear many hats as a musician. So, besides my daily practice routine on my pad (because I don´t have access to a practice space at the moment), I try to work on skills that will help me produce better records, pictures, videos and everything that goes into presenting my work these days, in the future.

In my humble opinion these things do not only keep me busy and sane during these special times, they also increase my chances of being happy and succesful after the lockdown. Whenever that is and however that might look.

I also think these ideas are applicable to almost any field of life.

I hope it helps…

Take care & stay safe,



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