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NEW EP Ludmila Slaneva - Loco / Валиш

I would like to give you a little story of how this came about...

You know how it is when your friend asks you:" Hey I have this little something here. Can you guys (git/b/dr) just very quickly record a take to my idea?" Then your response usually is:" Yeah, sure!"

This was the case with this songs you can hear on this record. I was in Svilen Angelov´s studio together with David Binderberger and Lukas Pamminger. We recorded something I don´t remember and all of a sudden after we were finished, Svilen asks us if we could try something on a piano track he recorded for Ludmila Slaneva Loco with her singing on top of it. Since we were set up and ready to go anyway, we listened to it once, didn´t really talk about it and played to it once in the way each one of us felt was right. We liked the take. Packed up our stuff. And left.

After a while David and Lukas got calls from Svilen asking if they could come in again to play on this song. He had reharmonized the song so new bass and guitar tracks were needed. After all the end result was 5 different versions of this one idea. Each one got a different mix and there you go: NEW EP for Ludmila Slaneva Loco from Sofia/Bulgaria.



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