Born in Austria, Klaus grew up in an area where you´re usually born with skis on your feet. He had his first drum-lessons at the age of 8.His first public appearances took place when he was 9.Shortly after that he joined the local classical Orchestra. While attending boarding school he had lessons with various teachers. After school he moved on to study music at various institutions (Drummer´s Focus, Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität, Drummers Collective), to play with different bands and got booked more and more for all kinds of musical projects by a big variaty of artists.
Today Klaus is best known for his musicality and for his work with The Talisman Collection, PARAMETRIX, MAZE or Scheibsta&dieBuben, which he all co-founded. He leads a busy schedule with an average of 100 concerts annually.




Clara Louise, T.O.L., Die U.N.V.ERGESSLICHEN, Cosmo Klein, SDP, Romano, Scheibsta&dieBuben, Jeanette Biedermann, Sarah Straub, Nathan Maxwell, Frank Gravis, Fernando Hernandez, Bob Quaranta, Eric Gales, Tim Collins, Peter Herbert, Herbert Berger, Dietmar Kastowsky, Donauinselfest, Popfest, Wiesenrock, Rock im Dorf, Beserlpark Festival, Westwind Festival, Kufstein Unlimited, Landestheater Salzburg, Salzburger Festpiele, Inntöne Festival, The Talisman Collection, Festpiele Erl, Kavkaz Jazz Festival Tiblisi, Jazz and the City Salzburg, Südtirol Jazzfestival, Jazzfestival Saalfelden, take-the-a-train festival, Derby Kay, René Hemetsberger (ORF/starmania), Mavi Phoenix, Mothers Cake, Mundwerk Crew, PARAMETRIX, ....and many more!